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Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Hello again! I have taken quite the sabbatical, haven't I! I started homeschooling my middle child this year. Though I adore homeschooling, I wanted to see how much of my time it would zap. It zaps a lot! Here we are, the week after Christmas. This is a special week for me and my family. Every year while the kids have off, my husband takes off work and we essentially lock ourselves inside our house, and have a quite "staycation". We drop off the face of the earth! We love this time, and anticipate it all through out the year.
Last year this time was when I had the revelation that I wanted to cook everything I possibly could from scratch. A whole year has passed, and with homeschooling, I have not gotten as much done as I would have liked. BUT, this week has rekindled that passion for cooking. My husband (as usual) got me some terrific cooking tools for Christmas, and a WONDERFUL cookbook! He encourages me to cook on our week off. This year I have learned to make my own alcoholic eggnog (waaaay better than the store bought kind!), Lepp cookies (those will be gone fast!), old world soda bread (I think this will become a staple in our house!), homemade pizza using a cast iron pizza stone (oh baby, there's NO going back!), meringue cookies, among other things. I will be posting these recipes in the following weeks.
I am also going to pick some recipes from the FABULOUS book my husband got me for Christmas, try them out, and have the family rate them for you all! Stay tuned! Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you all! <3

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